The Chocolate Diaries: A Book Review

The Chocolate Diaries is not a recipe book. It's a book that contains sweet life stories, tips and quotes that could make a tough battle with life bearable. 

I got inspired by the drive through lane story. I would love to do that once in a while, but in my own little way. {I wouldn't want to be a spoiler and re-tell the whole story. You have to find out yourself.} It taught me on how one person can be good when everything is just a mess. The morale of the story will hold you back to do miserable and pathetic things that seems too easy (or stupid) to do when our life seems to suck.

The author also gets to talk about scientific processes that occur when we feel down or happy. Like how stress causes adrenaline, and in the process, fats are released into the bloodstream. So, we have all the reasons to be happy. Everyone doesn't like to be called fat, right?

And, I love Top 10 Reasons to be a Writer. Once again, I am disclosing those reasons. The article inspired me more to become a writer. I want to be a writer, even though it means only writing for myself. It is my passion. Even though I may suck at it, I still want to be a writer. But, if it's infinitely possible, I would write for my readers. 

However, I found reading the book to be dragging and redundant at times. That doesn't erase the great stories and thoughts that one could derive from the book though. 

To end the review, let me share to you some of the quotes I love in this book:

The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep.
-- Henry Maudsley

When you need a quicker picker-upper, you can reach for a paper towel or some chocolate. Chocolate may taste better, but paper towels provide more dietary fiber. Tough choice, I know 


Wild Butterfly said...

hi sis. when i read you blog i got inspired to finish my book review, too. i so going back to the paper book. not e-book. hehehe...

Mario said...

Hi, I'm a first time visitor. Cool blog. I love books, too. Maybe its that I love stories. Just finished Stephen King's "11/22/63". Excellent. Now I'm reading "Hunger Games" and "Cutting For Stone". I write a blog too. Mine is about food but acts as an excuse to share my musings on life and relationships. Stop by and visit. Maybe follow.

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