The Darwin Awards Next Evolution: A Book Blurb


It doesn't require a Ph.D. to know that doing pull-ups off the edge of a seventh-floor balcony is a recipe for disaster. Or that it's a bad idea to put a paintball gun into your mouth and pull the trigger. Or to think twice before joyriding in a shopping cart strapped to an SUV. Darwin Award winners lack this basic sound judgment.
Named for Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, The Darwin Awards celebrates those who have dived headfirst into the shallow end of the gene pool. From offering a bear a beer to self-testing a Taser to jumping a drawbridge on a bike, The Darwin Awards Next Evolution honors these macabre and entertaining feats of hapless misjudgment. 
Fully illustrated and with over a hundred new awe-inspiring tales, including science essays from guest writers and answers to FAQs about evolution in action, The Darwin Awards Next Evolution demonstrates how uncommon common sense still is. 


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