Under the Covers and Between the Sheets: A Book Blurb

The inside story behind classic characters, authors, unforgettable phrases, and unexpected endings
by C. Alan Joyce & Sarah Janssen

The Blurb 


Did you know that Stephen King's wife rescued the manuscript for the best seller Carrie from the trash? Or that journalist Dorothy Parker left her entire estate to Martin Luther King Jr.? Hundreds of surprising little-known flaws, foibles, and feuds of the literary world will draw you into the pages of Under the Covers and between the Sheets...


Long before she became Bill Clinton's inaugural poet, Maya Angelou had stints working as a fry cook, a nightclub "shake dancer", and the first black streetcar conductor in San Francisco. 


Mark Twain wasn't a lover of all literature. He once wrote of Jane Austen, "Every time I read Pride and Prejudice I want to dig her up and beat her over the skull with her own shin-bone."


Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are was meant to feature wild horses -- but when they proved too difficult to draw, he replaced them with monsters modeled on his aunts and uncles. 

The First Lines

Admit it: Even though you're a ravenous reader today, you probably still wince and shudder when someone mentions The Scarlet Letter, and you are overcome by memories of that high school English teacher who slowly squeezed the life out of what technically should have been a fun read for a 16-year-old. Seriously: It's got sin, adultery, revenge, self-flagellation, mysterious astronomical portents... what's not to like?

Why I Decided to Take on the Read

If you have been stalking me, you would've known that I am a ravenous reader poser. At least I think so. Though I have the thick and sticky desire and lust to read on books the whole afternoon, I cannot do so. Blame my work, frisbee, alcohol, the internet and him. But, I swear, if my God permits me, I would read all the important classics, especially those written by Fitzgerald. When I came upon this book, imagine my ecstasy. This would be my ultimate weapon against my literary friends. This would make me sound like a genius who seem to have touched all the pages of the books that are mentioned in this book. Aside from the juicy trivia that this book will feed me, this would guide me on what books to pick up. I really need a Kindle Fire this time. Also, I am overjoyed everytime I can relate to what the authors are pointing out or when they quote lines from books that I have already read. I'm like, Oh, I know that already with matching hand drop gesture. And it's really contemporary. They talk about the latest authors and books like Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling so it's timely and that makes this book enjoyable. This is not my review by the way, but it sounds like a review since I am halfway through the read so I am just gonna stop here.


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