The Man Who Ate the World: A Book Blurb

In Search of the Perfect Dinner
by Jay Rayner

The Blurb 
Nobody goes to restaurants for nutritional reasons. They go for the experience. And what price a really top experience?

So asks Jay Rayner, award-winning restaurant critic and one of the inimitable judges of the show Top Chef Masters. Fearlessly, and with great wit and verve, he takes up the search for the perfect meal: From the Tokyo sushi chef who offers a toast of snake-infused liquor to close a spectacular meal, to Joël Robuchon in Las Vegas where Robuchon himself eagerly watches his guest's every mouthful, to seven three-star Michelin restaurants in seven days in Paris, Rayner conducts a whirlwind tour of high-eng gastronomy that will thrill the heart-- and stomach -- of any armchair gourmand. Along the way, he uses his entrée into the restaurant world to probe the larger issues behind the globalization of dinner.

The First Line 

Reading this book will make you hungry.

Why I Decided to Take on the Read

I have a dire need to divert my appetite into masticating food through reading. That way, I kill time, cozy up myself so that I wouldn't bother to get up and grab some junk food and burn some calories by turning left or tight on my bed every other ten minutes or so.

Aside from this shallow thought, I have a very good explanation on why I buy food books (except recipe books, that would be when I have mouths to feed already). See, I have this food blog, Gastronomicca and I don't want to bore my readers to death with my limited gastronomical vocabulary and writing style. So, I wanna learn by reading. And, there's always something stimulating about reading descriptive sentences that arouses all five senses.

And Jay has me after I finished reading the Warning page, sort of the book's Prologue.


Sey said...

Nobody goes to restaurants for nutritional reasons. They go for the experience. this si so true sis and I just realized it now that I read this.

You really are an awesome writer and I love your thoughts. Yes reading kills time and you have a point. I thought boredome was the sole reason why I am reading on my spare time and now I have another reason, and that is to shift the longing for food to words.

Anonymous said...

To have all senses deliciously intertwined in a state of contentment and bliss... Books on food can definitely give you that.

Sis, after reading this post, I'm now tempted to buy a new book or borrow one from the library - one which focuses on food and its beautiful descriptions of the experience! ;-)

~ SittieCates

Rae said...

Now, I want to read this. Going to restaurants is just like buying Lush soaps. You're after an experience.

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