Odalisque: A Book Blurb


This book is a work of fiction. In real life, make sure you practice safe, sane and consensual sex.
by Fleur Reynolds

The Blurb 

Set against a backdrop of sophisticated elegance, a tale of family intrigue, forbidden passions and depraved secrets unfolds. 

Beautiful but scheming, successful designer Auralie plots to bring about the downfall of her virtuous cousin, Jeanine. Recently widowed, but still young and glamorous, Jeanine finds her passions being rekindled by Auralie's husband. But she is playing into Auralie's hands -- vindictive hands that drag Jeanine into a world of erotic depravity. 

Why are the cousins locked into this sexual feud? And what is the purpose of Jeanine's mysterious Confessor, and his sordid underground seet?

The First Line 
'How wicked I am', thought Jeanine, as she removed the severe black band that held her thick blonde hair securely in place.

Why I Decided to Take on the Read

Me knowing me, the book cover would have swept me off my pumps. Nope, I wasn't wearing pumps when I took this controversial paperback upon my frail hands. Just to add glamour, I suppose. The title spells sophistication and so does the image on the cover. And, when I turned on the first page, I figured out I can tolerate the words and so off did the book from the shelf. It has chosen an owner. Odalisque, by the way, is a current slave, a concubine in training. Yes, there's a warning that this book ought to be sold to adults only because it has sensual parts. I always wanted to write sensually, but not in an audacious way. I want  innocent sensuality dabbed all over my future work. Yes, I am serious.


Sey said...

The cover photo and the title were gorgeous. If I saw that, we would have a love at first sight relationship. And the story is intriguing. Hope I could find a copy of that.

I'll look forward to your novels. Don't forget to invite me on the launch. Hahaha.

Miss `Chievous said...

Naku, sis! Parang di ko kayang ituloy yung reading. Hahahaha. Yan kasi. Di ko carry. Naku. Lol.

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