Coffee With Oscar Wilde: A Book Blurb

A fictional dialogue based on biographical facts
by Merlin Holland

The Blurb 

Buy Oscar a coffee and he'll inspire you to brilliance with his worldly wit...

The most illustrious figures of the past would have much to tell us if only we could borrow an hour or so of their time. The COFFEE WITH... series of dramatized biographies enables us to do just that. A relazed chat with Oscar Wilde turns into an eyebrow-raising journey through the extraordinary life and opinions of one of our most eminent and colorful literary figures... and we can even ask questions!

Renowned for his memorable bons mots, Oscar Wilde cut a dashing figure in late Victorian London... until his tragic downfall resulting from an ill-judged libel action. We remember him not only for his famous trial and imprisonment, but also for a "devil's dictionary" of timeless aphorisms and for the enduring brilliance of plays such as The Importance of Being Earnest.

The First Line 
A meeting with Oscar Wilde over several cups of coffee one rainy afternoon in Paris has been a delight.

Why I Decided to Take on the Read

I first saw the book in a Coffee Table Book Section of a prestigious bookshop in the Metro. I was thrilled upon seeing the title for Oscar Wilde is one of my favorite writers. His only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is something that I haven't read though. I first encountered Oscar Wilde through my notebook; his quote was plastered on the cover. It was about passion. Shame that I have forgotten the exact quote. That single line and the name was tattooed in my mind. I've came across his quotes and the exaltation that I felt afterwards is wonderfully enigmatic. I fell in love with his every word. That started my love affair with Oscar Wilde. 


Sey said...

Oscar Wilde - I knew him because of his novel which I haven't read too but I watched the movie adaptation. Maybe we could find rare copies of the novel on Booksale. Copies of it can be reproduced pero iba pa rin ang amoy ng mga books sa booksale no sis, parang may kasamang history. Hehehe.

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